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DC #0s – Nightwing and Red Hood Review – The DC 52 Reboot of Robins

nightwing robin
It’s a good time for finding out more about Robins in these DC #0 comics it seems. Last week we had some stories in both Batman and Batman and Robin, giving us an overview of where all the Robins were around the same time six years ago. Dick was in the circus, Tim was being uber clever and sort of cocky at school, Jason was street criminalling it up and Damian was with his mother training to be a little badass. In Red Hood and the Outlaws we focus in closer on Jason Todd and of course in Nightwing we look at Dick Grayson.

So why am I reviewing these issues together? Well the main reason is, in this new DC52 world getting my head around Batman’s career in the past six / seven years (that’s how long DC have told us he’s been in the cape and cowl by the way)  is beginning to feel a bit rushed. So about six years ago Batman took on Dick Grayson. Of course, Dick has the same origin as ever for the most part. Parents killed in the circus, Bruce taking him in, Dick putting on the red and green costume and becoming Robin. It’s all pretty standard stuff but it’s still a story that is infinitaly compelling to read. Bruce and Dick feel so important and no matter how many times I’ve read this story in its multiple versions, the core of these two finding a connection and becoming the dynamic duo is pure Bat-genius.
read more: http://whatculture.com/comics/dc-0s-nightwing-and-red-hood-review-the-dc-52-reboot-of-robins.php

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