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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Part One Blu-ray Review

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Part One, DC Animated's adaptation of the classic Frank Miller graphic novel that redefined the Caped Crusader in 1986, is note-perfect.

And that is its biggest problem.

The story is almost word-for-word, scene-for-scene, pulled directly from the pages of the original comic book, and it's an enjoyable movie to be sure, but it begs one very big question: What's the point?

In the film, the Batman has been retired for the past 10 years, and in his absence, crime has run amok in Gotham City. A new breed of criminals, a gang calling themselves the Mutants, is running roughshod throughout the city, murdering innocents with no motive other than simply to spread fear and chaos.

Ultimately, the deterioration of his city becomes too much for Bruce Wayne (RoboCop's Peter Weller) to bear, and he succumbs to his dark side, once again donning the cape and cowl as Batman.
read more (batman black and white statues ethan van sciver):  http://www.thehdroom.com/news/Batman-The-Dark-Knight-Returns---Part-One-Blu-ray-Review/11337

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