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January 13 2013

Shakespeare and Wordsworth boost the brain, new research reveals
Scientists, psychologists and English academics at Liverpool University have found that reading the works of the Bard and other classical writers has a beneficial effect on the mind, catches the reader’s attention and triggers moments of self-reflection.

Using scanners, they monitored the brain activity of volunteers as they read works by William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, T.S Eliot and others.

They then “translated” the texts into more “straightforward”, modern language and again monitored the readers’ brains as they read the words.

Scans showed that the more “challenging” prose and poetry set off far more electrical activity in the brain than the more pedestrian versions.

Scientists were able to study the brain activity as it responded to each word and record how it “lit up” as the readers encountered unusual words, surprising phrases or difficult sentence structure.
read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/9797617/Shakespeare-and-Wordsworth-boost-the-brain-new-research-reveals.html

June 02 2012

There are various terrible things that are addicting. Drug use, extreme drinking alcohol, and even excessive gambling are all negative activities that are highly addicting. However , if there is one kind of addiction that is good for adults and kids alike, it would be an addiction to sudoku. Scientists consider solving sudoku puzzles on a daily basis as one of the top ways to boost the brain. Some other brain enhancement techniques include plenty of rests and classical music. Sudoku can add to that and quite easily, too. They're all over the Internet and magazines. They are also workable between breaks or at coffee shops.


Though sudokus are not math problems, completing the puzzles just needs logic. Due to the fact that sudokus entail the use of logic, common sense, and concentration, the brain is put out of the stupor of doing routine, mundane tasks. Quite simply, the brain actually gets a break and a good work-out. Reports show that the more the brain uses its skills, the better it works. Brains that get more exercise are determined to be more active, and its cells are healthier. Researchers even associate sudoku brain exercises to work out. They stress which simply as activity keeps muscle loss from increasing, sudoku exercise keeps cognitive abilities from dying and also encourages better brain function. Thus, if you're looking to increase brain power, then consider sudoku. Education is very important, but studies actually show that students who do mental workouts like sudoku have higher IQs than students who do not. This only shows that doses of sudoku tend to be than just strategies to pass time. They actually help in giving you better capability comprehend more technical ideas.

A neuroscientist facilitated an investigation among the list of elderly using the premise that decreased capacity isn't inevitable using the right stimulation. The analysis included two groups of elderly people: the earliest group solved sudoku puzzles within their routine, although second could not. As time passes, their IQ levels were tested and in comparison to their test results ahead of the experiment. The sudoku-solving group was found to get increased their mental abilities by the significant percentage as you move the other group showed no change. Dr. Robertson cited the identical research wherein 3,000 people, aged 65-94, were found to have increased their mental capabilities and age up to 14 years, by ten sessions of brain boosting exercise like sudoku.

Other experts accept these bits of information, praoclaiming that solving challenging mind games like sudokus inhibit or prevent the growth of Alzheimer's disease and memory loss. Health trends also show that adults with demanding, and intellectually challenging jobs take advantage of better mental function if they age. Sudoku functions much like these jobs because doing so requires brain exertions.

Which is, experts advise adults to encourage children to resolve puzzles like sudoku to begin mental improvement earlier in everyday life. Sudoku workouts are actually adopted by some schools to stimulate thinking and foster better academic performance of their total students. So instead of letting kids watch television, or read comics, hand them sudoku puzzles. Then, your kids can defend your ex girlfriend of sudoku to those poor souls that do not understand the sweetness, joy, and great things about solving it.
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