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January 13 2013

British Study Links High Intake of Salt to Social Inequalities
The research, published in the BMJ Open journal, looked at the geographical distribution of habitual dietary salt intake in the UK and its association with manual occupations and educational attainments, both indicators of socio-economic position and key determinants of health.

The scientists used the British National Diet and Nutrition Survey – a national representative sample of 2,105 men and women aged 19-64 years living in the UK. Salt intake was assessed with two independent methods: a seven-day dietary record and the ‘gold standard’ 24-h urine collections for sodium determination – direct marker of salt intake.

The results show salt intake is significantly higher in those with low educational attainment and in manual occupations, when the effects of geographical variations are stripped out – people living in Scotland had higher salt intake than those in England and Wales.

“These results are important as they explain in part why people of low socio-economic background are more likely to develop high blood pressure and to suffer disproportionately from strokes, heart attacks and renal failure,” said study senior author Prof Francesco Cappuccio of the WHO Collaborating Center.
read more: http://www.sci-news.com/medicine/article00815.html

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