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October 07 2013

Tailgate safely with food
Tailgating and football season go hand in hand. Excitement and hospitality abound during football/tailgating season.

Homecoming 2011 tailgating and parade

Following a few food safety rules can keep the fun and excitement going and foodborne illnesses at bay.

Keeping food safe at a tailgate gathering requires the same food handling practices as picnicking outdoors because a refrigerator and running water are probably not available.

Include lots of clean utensils for preparing and serving the safely cooked food. In addition to a grill and fuel for cooking food, pack a food thermometer to be sure the meat and poultry reach a high enough temperature to destroy any harmful bacteria that may be present.

Keeping food at a safe temperature between home, store or restaurant, and the tailgate location helps prevent foodborne illness. Follow these tips from USDA to ensure that your food stays safe.

• Carry cold perishable food such as raw hamburger patties, sausages and chicken in an insulted cooler packed with several inches of ice, frozen gel packs or containers of ice. 
• Place an appliance thermometer in the cooler so you can check to be sure the food stays at 40 degrees or below.
• When packing the cooler for an outing, be sure raw meat and poultry are wrapped securely. Use a separate cooler for raw meats.
Read more: http://www.macon.com/2013/10/06/2705793/baggarly-tailgate-safely-with.html

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